AE Trailer Balls
AF Can & Pump Spray Air Fresheners
BA Battery Testing Instruments
BB Battery Terminals, Cables & Accessories
BY Work Lights
BZ Funnels, Pans & Gas Cans
CF Car Freshener Little Tree Air Freshener
CO Gasket Material - Cork, Fiber, Hi-Temperature
DD Squeegees, Sponges & Pads
FI FIAMM Electric & Air Horns
FM MAG MATS Floor Mats
GV Gloves-Nitrile, Latex & Work
GR Wheel Accessories / Wheel Studs
KC Kool Seat Cushion
LF License Plate Frames
LU Plews Grease Guns & Hoses
ME Medo Air Fresheners
MI Milton Air line Acc, Tire Valves, Caps, Gages
NO Northeastern Cords & Booster Cables
PR Performance Tools
RO Rol Muffler Clamps
S1 Signs
SE Steering Wheel Covers
SK Stickers
SM SM Arnold Chamois, Towels & Brushes
SS Safety Seal Tire Repair
TP Tape It Automotive & Household Tapes
VE Vector Tools
VI Victor Bulbs, Fuses, Mirrors, Tire ACC. & More
XS Xtra Seal Tire Repair Products

Appearance Chemicals

AR Armorall Vinyl Protectant
BC Blue Coral / Westleys Bleche White Tire Spray
BM Blue Magic
KI Kit Car Wax & Wash
M0 Mothers Wax and Protectants
NR Octane & Westley's Bleche Wite
NT No Touch Tire Foam
RB Rally Wax, Rain Dance, Tanners & No. 7
RX Rain-X invisible Windshield Wiper
TU Turtle Wax, Zip Wax, Formula 2001 Protectant

Antifreeze and Radiator Additives

EV Everstar Radiator Additive & Windshield Wash
FR Freezetone Radiator Additive
M1 Magmotive Radiator Additive
PE Peak Anti-Freeze Coolant
SH Shellzone & Weatherpro Anti-Freeze Coolant
UC Ultra Cool Radiator Additive

Supermarket & C-Store Items

AB Aaron Brands
CA Candles
CAO Budpak & Dr. Sheffield Products
CL Clorox, Downy, Fabuloso & Other Laundry Products
CU Styrofoam & Translucent Cups & Plates
DF Durable Aluminum Foil Pans
FH Feminine Hygiene
HB Health & Beauty Products
HK Kitchen Supplies
HS Household Hand Soap
LD Laundry Detergent
LH Disposable Butane Lighters
MD Medicine
ML Mistolin Cleaners
OH Oral Hygiene
OS Office Supplies
PA Paper Products - Towels, Tissues & Napkins
PB Panasonic & Duracell Batteries
PG Pine Glo Value-Priced Cleaners
PN Penley Straws, Toothpicks & Matches
PT Pest Control Products
RM Laundry Soap/Detergent
RS Bags, Coolers, Plastic Products & Film
SA Sapolio Household Chemicals
SC Scott Paper Shop Towels
SL Shoe Laces
SW Sherwin Williams - Air Fresheners, Home Cleaners
XT XTRA Laundry Products




Body Shop Supplies

CG Car Groom Body Filler, Fiberglass & Hardener
SP Wet & Dry Sand Paper

Service Chemicals

31 3 in 1 Household Oil
BD Blue Devil
BL Bar’s Leaks Radiator & Block Sealer
BT Spray Paints & Primers
CP Craftsman Oil Products
CR CRC & Siloo Chemicals
F5 Formula 500 Degreasers
FO Formula 88 All Purpose Degreasers
GO Go-Jo Hand Cleaner
HA Harris Automotive Spray Paints
JB JB Weld Cold Welding Compound
JH Johnsen-Sercon P/S Fluid & DOT 4&5 Brake Fl
KG Krazy Glue Adhesives
KW K & W Trans-X & Specialty Chemicals
LO Lucas Oil Stabilizer & Additives
LV Lava Hand Cleaner
M1 Magmotive Brake Fluid & Hand Cleaner
MA Marvel Mystery Oil, Gas Treat., Air Tool Oil
MN Mechanics Brand Flat Fix, Honda P/S Fluid. etc
P2 PB Blaster Penetrating Lubricant
PC Permatex Chemicals, Adhesives & Silicones
PK Plasti-Kote Vinyl Spray Paints
PS Proseal Chemicals, Adhesives & Silicones
QS Quality Supreme Oil, ATF, Brake & P/S Fluid
RE Refrigerant Gases, Oils, Tools & Accessories
RI Rislone Engine Treatment
SG Solder Seal Gunk Automotive Chemicals
ST STP Chemicals
WD WD-40
WE Weldit Master Silver Radiator Stop Leak
XC Automotive Chemicals

Oil & Lubricants

AO Amalie Motor Oils
CS Castrol Motor Oils
CV Chevron Motor Oils
MB Mobil Motor Oils
MY Mystic Synthetic & Lithium Greases
OD Oil Dri All Purpose Floor Absorbent
SH Shell Motor Oils & Antifreeze
VA Valvoline
VT Value Tech Motor Oils
WA Warren Hydraulic & Gear Oils, Mineral Spirits, D40w
WH Wolf's Head Motor Oils
XC Xcel Motor Oils

Automotive Parts

AD Aldor Hot Spark Plugs
AM Armor Mark Serpentine & V-Belts
BK Brake Wheel Cylinder Cups
CT Steel Cotter Pins
G1 Group 7 Air Filters by Purolator
G2 Group 7 Oil Filters by Purolator
HC Tridon Hose Clamps
HP Rubber Heater Plugs
L1 Lighting: Halogen Capsules & Bulbs
L2 Lighting: Import Miniatures / Rough Service
L3 Lighting: G.E. Sealed Beams
LI Littlefuse Automotive Fuses
MS Misc. Assortments - Ties, Couplings, Clips
SU Superlex Batteries
NF Non-Fouler Spark Plug Adapters
NG NGK Spark Plugs
PH Perma Brake Pads
PI Pico Connectors, Speaker & Primary Wire
PL Pylon Wiper Blades & Refills
PU Steel & Rubber Expansion Plugs
TI Thermoid Fuel, Vacuum & Heater Hose
WB Magmotive Wiper Blades